Rest well. Live well. – The Story

There are few things in life that have more impact on your body than a good night’s sleep. Sleep can affect everything in your life from your mood to your energy, your productivity to your mental capacity. We tend to view sleep as merely a way for our bodies to hit the reset button, but there are vital processes that take place while we sleep. So, when you do get quality sleep on a consistent basis, you feel better, think better, and ‘do’ better.

Studies show that the brain does most of its processing while we are asleep. Each day our short-term memory holds on to an incredible amount of information. These thoughts and experiences are then consolidated as we sleep. Important connections are solidified into our long-term memories, while the less important connections are cleared away. This is why people have shown to retain more information and perform better on cognitive tasks after enjoying a restful night’s sleep1.

It has been said that we live in a 24-7 society, but we must understand that proper sleep is and will always be a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle2. We exercise, so our muscles need time to recover. We get injured, so our cells and tissues need time to repair. We get sick, so our immune systems need to time to function. We grow and we age, so our hormones need time to resynthesize. Life tends to be a grind, so we need those long periods of sleep to rejuvenate our bodies.

When we sleep well, we typically wake up in a happy mood. We feel refreshed, our self-esteem is higher and we have less anxiety. We are apt to be more productive during the day and are significantly more approachable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for most of us. We acquire bad sleep habits and lifestyles that diminish the quality and consistency of our sleep patterns. We struggle to fall asleep, we struggle to stay asleep, or we wake up and struggle to fall back asleep.

Those of us who experience poor sleep on the regular, often show more signs of depression, irritation, and low self-esteem3. It becomes more and more difficult to feel motivated or inspired. Our relationships become strained and our work falls behind. We find ourselves getting sick more often or becoming more emotionally volatile… It would really be nice if we could get some much-needed sleep.

This site is set up to help document my findings as I learn more about the nature of sleep and how to improve the quality of my own sleep. We will be delving into bedtime routines and hygiene that attribute to better sleep patterns. We will be learning how diet and exercise impacts our rest and how we can make subtle changes in each to enhance the duration and depth of our sleep. There will be discussions on devices, sounds, and conditions that could positively and/or negatively affect how long and how often we remain in our REM cycles.

We all desire to rest well and we all desire to live well! So, please follow along as we journey through news, science, articles, and thoughts on learning to sleep lively!

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